Concertina Music

La Suedoise

2008-08-13, tags: duo

Tune from Guido Piccard, Flemish contemporary folk.

Haven't seen Guido Piccard in ages, but I can imagine what he was thinking. 'La Suedoise' is French in the style of Flemish contrandance titles. But it also means beautiful blonde Swedish girl. It is made for two violins, but two ECs will do the job as well. Won't allow the fiddlers to take them all.

My suggestion: play it first in the style of a Swedish fiddle tune for a few times, nice and slow and romantic (108 for a quarter) with accents on 1 and 3. But then, because the melody also has a lot of Schottish in it, take the speed to 120 and play it again as a Schottish, syncopated.